How Dr. Boothby Practices

Dr. Boothby works in partnership with her patients during their process of healing. Drawing on the anatomical relationship between the infrastructure of the nervous system and the tensegrity of the musculoskeletal system Dr. Boothby uses low force adjustments to restore the breathing movement and to differentiate and invite space between fascial planes in the body, ultimately restoring structural integrity. In essence, she helps your body learn to support you when you are awake or asleep, tired or active.

Using neuro-fascial adjusting, breathing and neurological exercises, Dr. Boothby teaches patients how to align their body, how to use the ground to support their skeletal structures, how to control the muscles and how to be present through the sometimes uncomfortable feelings that arise throughout the healing process.

Dr Boothby’s goals for her patients include:

Dr. Boothby often combines these methods with pre-gym, an at-home exercise program that strengthens the connective tissue, the vascular system and the nervous system.

Dr. Judith Boothby | 503 233-0943