Common Questions

What is the course of treatment?

Every person will have a different treatment plan depending on their needs and injuries. Often the first step is to stabilize the acute situation. This could require treatment once a week for a month. Then we work to rebuild the weaknesses that contributed to root imbalances. Treatments would be less frequent.

Patients with acute injuries, such as from a MVA, may want to see the Dr. twice a week for the first month or so. The healing process can take anywhere from 3-6 months with occasional follow ups thereafter. However, since every person is an individual, your experience may be vastly different from someone with a similar issue. For more in depth information about the specifics of treatment, please visit the About the Healing Process page.

Can you treat my kids?

Absolutely. We treat infants to teenagers. Please visit our Children page.

Do you take insurance?

We accept insurance for open motor vehicle accident claims.

If your personal medical insurance covers out of network chiropractic care, we will write you a SuperBill at the time of payment. You can then submit the SuperBill to your personal insurance company for a reimbursement. Payment can be made by check, cash or credit/debit card including HSA cards.

Dr. Boothby always works with patients to keep costs down by inviting their active participation in the healing process. Investing up front to heal from the inside out is often thousands of dollars cheaper than having chronic health issues.

What kind of participation is expected of me?

It is necessary for you to own your healing process. Dr. Boothby often assigns simple exercises to do at home. Some exercises are designed to strengthen particular muscles, others to activate neural pathways, others to bring balance and stability. The more you are able to follow the directions and practice at home, the quicker your body will be able to heal.

Will I be sore afterwards? 

Adjustments can affect the body like exercise. After an adjustment, the muscles, fascia and nerves are able to move differently. However, you may sometimes feel new aches, pains or emotions post-treatment as your awareness in your body shifts. These after effects usually subside within three days. Please call the office to discuss reactions to treatments if you have any concerns.

What if I've had major surgery? Am I treatable?

Yes. In fact, sometimes trauma to the body from surgery can be one of the root causes of seemingly unrelated pain several months, or even years, later. Chiropractic treatment can help support the body in recovery and healing from surgery.

Can you treat me if I have scoliosis (i.e. abnormal curvature of the spine)?

Yes. Adults and children with scoliosis can be treated. In fact, Dr. Boothby prefers to catch scoliosis when children are young. One trait of scoliosis is a weakness in the muscles that balance the spine. Chiropractors are trained to evaluate muscle balance, nerve function and joint mobility. These factors are easy to check in children at any age. With scoliosis, the younger an abnormal curvature is detected, the easier it is to rebalance.

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