Babies and Children


Practical Care for Babies and Children

Babies and children can benefit from chiropractic care to support their neurological development. Chiropractic care is safe, cost effective and works. Many parents, midwives, naturopathic birthing centers and lactation consultants refer babies and children to be evaluated and treated by me.

I work with babies who have nursing issues, irritability, crying, colic, restricted head movement and ear aches. Babies can get strained during birth. Birthing injuries are common especially when the birth is fast or the baby is in an awkward position. Birthing issues are often missed because there is so much to attend to with a new born.

The first 18 months of a baby’s development lay the ground work for the neuro-motor, neuro-emotional and neuro-immunological patterns for the rest of their life. Think of an onion. If an onion has a dent in it then every new layer of the onion gets laid down with a dent also.

I check primitive reflexes, I check tone and I evaluate how the baby is breathing. How are their muscle working, are they pooping regularly, and are they interacting? Are their joints engaged properly? Are they rolling, sitting up, crawling, interacting, and happy?

As you know babies grow into children. Children can suffer from injuries or missed developmental stages. This can show up as joint or muscle pain, growing pains, problems with reading, asthma, scoliosis or ADD. It is important to teach children to connect to their bodies and to soothe themselves. I always get children in as soon as possible after an injury.

How do I help a child’s neuro-development? It is possible to stimulate the nervous system to stimulate neuro pathways. Treatment is safe and gentle. I can do tiny adjustments that can make a difference. Often times the treatment plan involves home care. I congratulate you as a concerned parent. Please call me if you have any questions.


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